HACIENDAS: San Miguel de Allende Premium Lots for sale with Panoramic Views HACIENDAS: Terrenos en venta con Vistas de San Miguel de Allende

Wake up every morning to this Spectacular Panoramic View...  Despierta Siempre con esta Espectacular Vista Panoramica

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Travel & Leisure 2016 & 2017, considered, San Miguel de Allende:

Number One - 1 - of the World's Best Cities

The "Haciendas de San Miguel" ®

Enjoy the golden glow of the setting sun as it dances across the 477 year old colonial city of  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE,  and fades from bright oranges and reds into the clear star-filled nights of old Mexico, taking you to a different time and place.

With Spectacular Panoramic Views of the wonderful city of San Miguel de Allende and the Sierra Madre Mountains beyond, the "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ®, offer a limited number of distinctive home sites for the most discriminating purchaser.

The "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ® are the newest planned community, providing 20 architecturally controlled sites to be developed in the glorious tradition of Mexican Hacienda Architecture.

Each site averages is over 10,764 square feet in size (1,000 square meters) and have unrestricted, 360-degree views.

The "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ® is facing the City of San Miguel de Allende from Southwest to Northwest.

Beautifully develop on a hill overlooking all San Miguel de Allende, The "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ® are planned as a gated community, surrounded by a volcanic stone wall, private central garden and community plaza. With a full compliment of underground utilities (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electric and telephone), landscaped streets and architecturally controlled, each home will be part of this very thoughtfully planned community.

Planning of The "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ®, has been carried out with long-term objective of creating a community that will serve the needs and desires of its residents and a community that will become more beautiful as time goes by. CONVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS "CCR’s" WILL GUIDE AND PROTECT THESE OBJETIVES. 

This luxurious and unique community is led by the professional team of:

"ABC REALTY",  San Miguel de Allende's leading Real Estate firm with over 42 years Experience in the local Real Estate Market; Wallace Milton Hobson, Real Estate Advisor. with an international practice in Five Star Resorts; and Dave Campbell Leland, Advisor to Place Making and Urban Revitalization throughout North America, and Managing Urban Change.

More information about pricing and The "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ®, time schedule may be obtained right now from Architect SALVADOR MORENO, President and Chief Executive of the Second Oldest Real Estate Firm in San Miguel de Allende: "ABC REALTY"

Build right now your private and exclusive Paradise in the "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL" ®.

The best place to live and enjoy high quality life with your family, unquestionably the most solid investment you will make !

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TERRENO / LAND PRICE IN US DOLLARS Metros Cuadrados Square Foots
   LOT # 20  >  Hacienda El Paraiso    $293,410 US 783.42 m2 8,432.7 sq / ft
   LOT # 6  >  Hacienda El Eden   $381,625 US 964.06 m2 10,269 sq / ft
   LOT # 7  >  Hacienda El Cielo   $718.165 US 1,595.92 m2 17,178 sq / ft
   LOT # 8  >  Hacienda La Gloria   $456,000 US 960.08 m2 10,334 sq / ft

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